The SuperPole is the first product that we brought to market over 20 years ago. The parts were designed as sketches on napkins and the first production run was done on a small lathe in John’s garage. Although we were a small company, we always had a way of thinking big.

We examined the existing floor to ceiling products and realized there was an opportunity for great improvements. The main issues included:

  • Existing floor to ceiling poles required mounting bolts into the floor and ceiling
  • If removal / relocation of pole was required, the holes left damages to floor and ceiling
  • Variance in floor to ceiling ranges caused installation troubles

The innovation came in using a jackscrew for adjustability to accommodate variations in floor to ceiling heights. The jackscrew is a mechanism similar to a manual car lift – by simply turning the jackscrew, a person can create the mechanical advantage required to lift a car. This also made it possible to secure the pole with no tools or drilling, making it possible to remove / relocate the product as desired. Being able to place the pole virtually anywhere there is a floor and ceiling makes the SuperPole extremely versatile.

However, we wanted to create more than just a better floor to ceiling pole. We wanted to create a product that would challenge the industry and make people reconsider what home safety solutions could do. In doing so, we have created a system based on your needs – from mild help standing (SuperPole), to medium in-bed shifting (SuperTrapeze), to more advanced pulling and lifting (SuperBar).


Take a look at the SuperPole System products.