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HealthCraft’s SuperTrapeze is an add-on to the SuperPole for increased functionality and mobility. Mounted to the SuperPole, the SuperTrapeze is ideal for pulling yourself from a lying to a sitting position—a difficult motion for many. By redesigning the triangular shape to include two points of leverage, you can maximize on strength to climb more easily into a seated position. The new, ergonomic design also reduces wrist strain. Once in a seated position, the SuperPole also provides support when getting out of bed.

MSRP: $305

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Slide the support arm

1. Slide the support arm onto the top of the SuperPole, and install SuperPole as per instructions.

SuperTrapeze Instructions
Bed Entrapment Prevention
Set height and angle of support arm

2. Set height and angle of support arm and secure set screws with hex key.

SuperTrapeze Instructions
Bed Entrapment Prevention
Adjust length of strap

3. Adjust length of strap so fingers can comfortably rest on bottom rail when lying down.

SuperTrapeze Instructions
Bed Entrapment Prevention
Slide trapeze in open loop

4. Slide trapeze in open loop on strap.

SuperTrapeze Instructions
Bed Entrapment Prevention


Material Alloy steel
Finish / Colour Anti-microbial powder coat white
Weight Capacity 300lbs / 136kgs (no more than 150lbs / 68kgs should be exerted on the trapeze system)
Rail Diameter 1.0” x 25.4mm
Trapeze Arm Length 17”/ 432mm
Strap Range 3-29” / 76.2-737mm
Height Adjustable 6-18” / 152-457mm (from ceiling)
Grip Material Non-slip, PVC closed cell foam (latex free)
Installation Mechanism SuperTrapeze secures to pole with 3 set screws
Installation Hardware/Fasteners Cone point set screws (x3)
Fasteners Exposed or Concealed Concealed; metal spring ring covers set screws
Commercial Use Yes
Residential Use Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Rest Resistant No
Country of Origin Canada
Product Code SuperPole with SuperTrapeze (STP-S)
SuperTrapeze Add-On Kit (STP-AK)
Shipping Dimensions Box 1: 3x15x21” / 76x381x533mm
Box 2: 2.5Dx96" / 63.5Dx2438mm
Shipping Weight Box 1: 14lbs/6.4 kg
Box 2: 13lbs/5.9 kg
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What ceiling heights can the SuperPole with SuperTrapeze be installed?

The SuperTrapeze can only be used on for ceilings 93-99” / 236-252cm.

+ Can a SuperBar and SuperTrapeze be used on the SuperPole at the same time?

Yes, some users prefer using the SuperTrapeze to help them get to a sitting position, and the SuperBar to help them get to a standing position.

+ What is the purpose of the spring ring?

The spring ring is used to stop the set screws from backing out once they have been installed.

+ What is the Limited Lifetime Warranty?

Products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the original purchaser. Warranty excludes products that have been damaged through misuse, accidental damage, alteration, normal wear and tear, wood material and stain, or the use of corrosive or abrasive cleaning products. For more information, see the instructions.


I couldn't get of out of bed without this trapeze. It is the greatest help!”

Bruno Forgnoni Jr. in York, PA

My physical therapist recommended it. Excellent style and easy to install.

Merlie Gilley in Stockton, CA

I think it will work great - this will give me help getting into and out of bed.

Mary Lou Nunner in Ft. Thomas, ON