Don’s father Ken was an engineer with a mind for finding ways to get the job done. When it became more difficult for Ken to stand up from his bath, he started to use a broom handle spanned across the two ledges of the bathtub for assistance. It wasn’t an ideal solution, but it got the job done. The broom handle gave Ken a horizontal support that he could lean on when and where he needed it, but it could be moved out of the way when not required. This ingenuity showed Don the importance of well-placed support for his father, which led to the genesis of Pivot and Lock Technology.

Pivot and Lock Technology allows the user to place the horizontal support rail exactly where it is needed. Unlike fixed/stationary rail devices that limit users to a small area, movable support allows a greater range of supported movement.
This was conceived of after recognizing challenges with most handrails. While most handrails are wall-mounted, this isn’t where many risky moves happen. And, even if you use a fixed floor mounted support rail, what could be perfect for one step might be in the way for the next step.

We realized that the best way to remedy both of these problems was to create support that moves with the user, allowing for small, fully supported steps. Of course, the support still needed to be completely secure, so we developed a way for the bar to lock into place in an instant.

The result was an innovative design feature that we’ve applied to pole mounted (SuperBar), floor mounted (Advantage Rail), and wall mounted (DependaBar) safety solutions.

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