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HealthCraft Joins the Canadian Home Modification Council Steering Committee

Older Canadians now represent the fastest growing segment of our population – their numbers will double over the next two decades.

By 2035, one in four Canadians will be over the age of 65. In addition, each year thirty percent of Canadian seniors will experience a fall – that’s over 1.7 million – and fifty percent of those falls will occur in the home (1). Unfortunately, more falls will occur and not be reported to a health care provider due to a number of factors including pride, stigma or fear of losing independence.

HealthCraft, represented by CEO John O’Brien and Sales Manager Jason St-Amant, is proud to partner with the CHBA’s Home Modification Council (HMC) in an effort to make homes safer. The goal of the HMC is to provide coordination of expertise, resources and services for those who wish to age in place, as well as their caregivers. The council has a mandate to provide:

  • Training programs for renovators
  • Access to occupational therapists, architects and designers
  • Access to community care professionals
  • Information about funding organizations, government loans, grants & tax credits
  • Information on assistive device and industry representatives

Click here to learn more about the Home Modification Council.

(1) Public Health Agency of Canada Seniors’ Falls in Canada- SECOND Report


Media Contact:
Ian Crawford
Marketing Manager, Invisia and HealthCraft
613-822-1885 ext. 229

About HealthCraft Products Inc.:
Our everyday lives happen in our everyday spaces: at home, at work – or anywhere. Ideally, those spaces should be where we feel familiar and protected. But when we feel unbalanced or unsteady, they can also threaten our safety. Fear of falling, even in those most familiar spaces, can keep us from enjoying the most basic things or doing the simplest tasks.

At HealthCraft Products Inc., we are committed to helping people take back everyday spaces through brilliant product design, effective public education and changemaking advocacy.

We combine universal design principles in engineering together with our deep understanding of human behaviour, body mechanics and ergonomics to create high-quality fall prevention solutions. We challenge every convention, explore every angle and examine every facet so that everyone can move with confidence. Creating meaningful solutions to bring life back into balance. Behind our products is a passion to change attitudes – from actively educating the public to advocating for new laws and building codes – to ensure that fall prevention is top-of-mind. In working with other leaders, we will raise awareness and understanding of fall prevention and the common need we all have: to feel secure and confident. Our goal is simple: to make every space a safer place.