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Assista Rail

What you need to know.

Icon - No Tools Required

No tools needed

Easily and quickly assembled and installed between the box spring and mattress. Fits king, queen, double, and twin mattresses.

Icon - Heigh Adjustable Bed Rail


Easily adjust the height of the bed rail and make getting in and out of bed is safe and effortless.

Icon - Hand Holding a Rail

Dependable Support

Rated for up to 300 lbs and ergonomic handles, the Assista rail is support you can depend on.

Choose the right level of support for you.


Woman standing up from the bed supported but the AssistaRail bed rail

Assita Rail

  • Easy to install
  • Provides support inside and outside of bed.
  • Compatible with storage attachment
  • Perfect for minimal support needs
Starting at $129


Woman using the Smart-Rail to stand up from bed

Smart Rail

  • Mobile bar provides support in different positions. 
  • Helps with sitting up, and getting in and out of bed. 
  • Great for anyone requiring a mix of support and versatility.


Woman using the SuperPole with Super to help her sit up and stand up from the bed

SuperPOle with Superbar

  • Uses floor to ceiling tension to stay in place.
  • Pivot arm provides adjustable support. 
  • Great for people who need a high level of versatility and support.
Starting at $334