Healthcraft specializes in unique ergonomic designs to empower your life as usual. With innovative “pivot and lock” technology, offset rails for superior stability, and our flagship SuperPole™ system, Healthcraft gets you where you need to go with our home and commercial bar and rail safety products.


Pivot and Lock Technology

No two people are the same… we all move in different ways. Our Pivot and Lock Technology allows support to be exactly where it works best, moving in-step with you when sitting and standing. It allows you to maintain stability over a range of motion, so you can be confident with each step you take.


Innovative Flagship SuperPole™ System

Our flagship product is the SuperPole™. That’s because, along with its ease of installation and use, it has many add-on options making it a multi-purpose item that enhances your mobility in a variety of settings. Find out more about our SuperPole™ System and how it helps people get where they need to go.


Offset Rails For
Superior Stability

When designing our support products, we look carefully at how the human body moves. One of our innovative design features is the offset rail, an ergonomic design that places the rail in a position that does not interfere with movement while providing a more comfortable and accommodating experience.