SuperPole 101: Do I Need Screws to Secure My Ceiling Plate?

Micah Rakoff Bellman  ·
August 9, 2021  ·
5 minute read
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Do I need to screw in my SuperPole’s ceiling plate? 

No—most SuperPoles don’t need their top plate screwed into the ceiling, but there are a few scenarios where it’s necessary:

  1. If you use a power wheelchair
  2. If you’re using an Angled Ceiling Plate
  3. If you feel safer with screws installed 

I thought the SuperPole didn’t need screws… 

Yes—most of the time you can install a SuperPole System without screws. This is because it secures in place with a pressure fit (aka. jack screw extension).  

As we explain in HealthCraft SuperPole 101 Part 1:

“Using a jack extension screw at the base of the pole, you’re able to increase or decrease [the SuperPole’s] height to create a snug, secure fit between the floor and the ceiling.

This simple mechanism is so strong that in most cases, the SuperPole doesn’t require any drilling or screws to be installed.”

Then why are there screw holes in the ceiling plate?

Rendering of the ceiling plate of a HealthCraft SuperPole showing the screw holes.

Great question! 

While optional in most cases, screwing the ceiling plate of your SuperPole into a ceiling joist provides added security, particularly against lateral (sideways) movement.

While unlikely, if you’re worried about knocking your SuperPole sideways, adding screws to the ceiling plate should give you peace of mind. That said, there are a few cases where screws are necessary.

When do I need to use screws in the ceiling plate? 

Infographic showing the three scenarios when you should screw in the ceiling plate of a HealthCraft SuperPole.

If you use a power wheelchair

While it’s unlikely that a person could knock a properly installed SuperPole out of place, a motorized piece of mobility equipment is a different story.

Power wheelchairs can be quite heavy, so the dynamic force of one hitting a SuperPole sideways near the bottom could be enough to knock it out of place. If you use this type of mobility device or are concerned about aggressive use, we recommend using screws to install your SuperPole.

Illustration showing three scenarios: the first; a silhouette of a person standing and leaning on a SuperPole to indicate normal use where screws are not required for installation; the second; a silhouette of a football player preparing to tackle the base of the SuperPole indicating aggressive use where screws would be required in the ceiling plate; the third; a silhouette of a person in a powered mobility scooter bumping against the base of the SuperPole indicating that screws would be required in the ceiling plate to keep the pole secure.
Under normal use conditions, you don’t need to install screws in your ceiling plate, but if you’re concerned about any heavy sideways impact, screw it in.

If you have an angled ceiling

Installing a SuperPole under an angled ceiling requires an additional piece of hardware called an Angled Ceiling Plate. This hardware needs to be screwed into a ceiling joist.

Photo of an Angled Ceiling Plate for the HealthCraft SuperPole.

If you feel safer screwing it in

The SuperPole System appeals to many people for its easy installation, and in most cases, it truly doesn’t need to be screwed in. That being said, if adding a few screws to your SuperPole will give you peace of mind—you should do it.

Next steps?

We hope this article has helped you determine whether or not you need to install your SuperPole with screws. 

If you have additional questions about the SuperPole System, check out the other articles in our HealthCraft SuperPole 101 series (Part 1: Most-Asked Questions, Part 2: Before You Buy, Part 3: Installation & Assembly) or reach out to us directly.

Configure your SuperPole System now.


Micah Rakoff Bellman is a content creator at HealthCraft Group. An enthusiastic problem-solver, human-centered designer, and storyteller—he’s passionate about understanding people to help them live better.
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