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Approaching Family With At Home Support Products

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There is no doubt that aging affects our physical ability.

However, if we are close to an individual experiencing this situation such as elderly parents, it may be challenging to approach them about it.

The majority of the aging demographic won’t admit to anyone, let alone themselves that they need help until something happens.

What most people don’t realise is how dangerous a fall may be to an aging individual.

If there is concern about their safety, it may be time to intervene. Rather than overwhelming them, we have a compiled a list of suggestions below.

How to Approach Your Aging Parents About Accepting at Home Support Products.

It’s Your idea

If the aging individual you are dealing with is somewhat stubborn and easily offended, try reversing this around so the solution is their idea.

For example, if you are watching one of your parents try to get out of their chair, say

“oh imagine if you had something to help with that. Do you think that would work?”


Another example would be simply asking,

“oh, do you think there is anything that could help you get out of that chair easier?”

What this strategy does is prompt a question for them to find the answer.

The recommendation

The recommendation is straightforward.

Tell your parent that needs help that one of your friend’s parent uses support products like a bed safety rail or shower grab bar and they said it changed their life.

People seem to be more inclined if a product is recommended by a friend or family member. This also makes it seem that it wasn’t your idea but you are just letting them know.

The Temporary Trial

This strategy is a way to bring up the idea of support products without the commitment. Emphasize that they can try it out.

If they don’t like it or it doesn’t help, then let it be. It is their choice at the end of the day, but this could be a great way to have them experience the support that a bed safety rail or SuperPole could provide.

The Doctors Recommendation

Contact your doctor.

Most likely, if you have been with your parents to see the doctor, he or she will be able to recognize physical struggles as well.

Prior to the next meeting, ask your doctor to recommend getting a safety product such as a bed assist rail.

It is more common for an elderly individual to take advice from a doctor as opposed to their caregiver.

I Won This Product – We Need to Try it Out

This is an approach can be a little deceptive, however it can also be effective.

Purchase a safety product such as the SuperPole that you think would be great for their needs. Express that you won it in a contest and they need to test it and provide a review to the company.

Have them test it out and have them give you feedback. Ask them questions like

“Is it helping?”

“Does it provide enough balance”.

These kind of questions will help to determine if they are finding the product helpful. Hopefully your parents feel that this product is beneficial so you may install it in their home for good.

Fear Tactic – The Last Resort

Although this tactic can be effective, it is one that is usually not the most appropriate.

Think of this approach as more of a last resort. If your parent has been stubborn, rude and just won’t accept help, it may be time to implement this strategy.

Talk about the potential dangers of falls, that a fall could leave them seriously injured or worse.

If you have any other suggestions or strategies on how to approach this situation, drop us a line and let us know.

Please share and thank you for reading.