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The Other Side to Age in Place

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Staying Independent

Aging in place is most recognised for outfitting a home to be inclusive and flexible for individuals to age in while staying independent.

However, there is more to this concept than just remodelling your home.

This article will look into the other elements to successfully age in place.

Healthy Living

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Although a home may be designed to accommodate aging and reduce the risk of falling, we must also adapt our lifestyle.

Making healthy choices in our diet is a great place to start. Rather than eating fast food and drinking soda, substitute the bad foods for healthy alternatives.

Cooking our own meals is also a way to keep active while stimulating the mind and providing the right nutrients for our bodies.

Additionally, as we age, we may begin to encounter physical challenges. This is due to decreasing muscle tissues, joint pain, sight loss and other issues.

These ailments may lead to loss of balance and increase the risk of falling.

To counter these problems, we suggest excersizing daily or partaking in daily activities that require movements.

There are many ways to stay active and reduce the risk of falls.

  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Gardening
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Golf

These are just some of the activities you could look into. Stay healthy and stay active to continue living the independent life we all strive for.

Using Services and Technology

As the service industry continues to grow, there are more and more services available to assist us with everything.

For our own safety and peace of mind, utilising services such as life-lines and alert buttons are very effective. Not only for yourself, but others in your life as well.

Another growing trend is wearable technologies. Products like the fitbit are great to help track our health and making sure we are keeping up with excersize.

If driving is no longer an option, there are several services to assist getting around in our day-to-day lives.

There are grocery delivery services, public transit, para-transportation and even utilising ride sharing services like Uber are great options.

Staying Social

Keeping our social lives is not only beneficial to our mental health but also our enjoyment of life.

In fact, staying social as we age is a key player in reducing the risk of dementia, depression and more. A study done by Rush University found that being lonely will likely double our chances of developing Alzheimers.

There are so many ways to stay social and enjoy life as we age.

  • Join clubs – Bowling, golf, art, dance, yoga, swimming, knitting and more
  • Senior companionship programs
  • Volunteering for events or organizations
  • Weekly family dinners

Be active, put ourselves out there and get involved with others. This not only enhances our lives but also provides a sense of belonging and mental stimulation.

We can’t let ourselves be isolated as we age. Get out there and get involved.

The Wrap Up

While we age, we must learn to adapt not only our homes and living spaces, but also our daily lives and lifestyles.

Make healthy choices, utilise available services and stay social. Look to the other side to stay independent for longer and continue living the way we want to live.