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Fall Prevention – Eliminate The Fears of Falling

fall prevention

As we age, the risk of falling increases, and with that, a fear of what seems like the inevitable.

A fall.

This fear could be developed through a previous personal experience, witnessing an accident or an overall sense of physical weakness.

Regardless, this fear is completely rational and common, because yes, falls do happen. In fact, Oxford University found that the fear of falling impacts up to 85% of elderly individuals. 

However, the fear is not necessarily the fall itself, but rather from simply not knowing when it will happen.

This can make the situation worsen.

The Implications

If we worry about falling and it becomes an everyday anxiety, the typical reaction is to move around less.

A study done by BMC Geriatrics  found that physical deficiencies were lower in individuals who feared falling than ones that actually fell.

Low mobility causes the process of muscle deterioration and stiff joints to speed up, which creates even more issues. The weaker we become, the more likely a fall will occur, and the less active we are, the more susceptible we are to mental illnesses.

Having this crippling fear of falling can have a very negative impact on our well being and overall enjoyment of life.

Although it is a rational and a common fear to have, what’s irrational is the unwillingness to actively protect ourselves from falling.

Fall Prevention & Fear Prevention

The best way to manage this fear is by equipping ourselves with the right equipment, the right mindset and the right lifestyle.



There are two categories of products and equipment that we can use towards fall prevention.

The categories are – Out of Home Support and At Home Support.

Out of Home Support

We consider out of home support to be any product or tool that can be used to improve mobility and safety during outings.

These products may include wheelchairs, rollators, canes and any other equipment that may be used on the go.

fall prevention, rollator, walker,

Although we may not like the idea of using these tools in public at first, we must realize something.

Using these products could help eliminate the fear of falling, but more importantly improve balance and confidence when in motion.  

At Home Support

At home support refers to support and safety equipment for the home such as the products HealthCraft provides.

They key difference in this categories is that most at home support is stationary where as out of home is mobile.

At home support can assist in transferring from one area to another while improving balance, confidence and simply peace of mind.

A great example of this is HealthCraft’s SuperBar. It will install in any room of the home and provide confidence in the user. 

The best fall prevention strategy is to equip your home with support and safety products as well as out of home support.

Mindset & Lifestyle

In order to have the right mindset to eliminate the fear of falling, we must first be willing to use fall prevention tactics.

Fall prevention tactics include utilising at and out of home support and leading an active and healthy lifestyle. By surrounding ourselves with support while improving or maintaining mobility, we can drastically decrease the chances of a fall.

Implementing these fall prevention tactics in our lives will then provide a confident and independent mindset. Knowing we are safe from falls where ever we are, naturally, the fear of falling will start to diminish.

The more we become used to fall prevention tactics, the less we will worry. 

It’s time to enjoy our lives as we should and eliminate the fear of falling.