We are inspired by potential, ours and that of our customers. We’ve spent the last two decades designing and manufacturing innovative support and fall prevention products that help people of all ages the ability to live independently. We are proud to say that we have prevented over 500 million falls in over 20 countries worldwide.


Great things can happen from people with a common purpose. In Canada alone, 30% of Canadians over the age of 65 experience a fall every year, and a third of those hospitalized will not be able to return to their home. We are committed to delivering smart, innovative support and fall prevention solutions that help our customers, family members and loved ones live and age in place – whether at home or in a commercial setting.

Design Innovation

No two people are the same. We all move in different ways. When designing our support and fall prevention products, we not only focus on superior quality and design, but also on body mechanics and how the body moves. This resulted in the industry-changing “pivot and lock” technology, the idea of offset rails for superior stability, and our flagship SuperPole™ system.


Pivot and Lock Technology

Our Pivot and Lock Technology moves in-step with you when sitting, standing or transferring to provide stability through a complete range of motions. It’s safety made better.


Innovative Flagship SuperPole™ System

Along with its ease of installation and use, the SuperPole™ also features many add-on options, making it a multi-purpose solution that enhances your mobility in a variety of settings.


Offset Rails For
Superior Stability

One of our differentiators is the offset rail, an ergonomic feature that places the rail in a position that does not interfere with movement but rather supports and stabilizes.

Our History

HealthCraft was founded in 1993 by an engineer, occupational therapist and a former Durable Medical Equipment store owner. This unique leadership was the foundation of HealthCraft – merging engineering design expertise with industry experience to solve mobility issues and prevent falls. We have supported over 500 million safe transfers in over 20 countries worldwide and our team remains focused on innovation, better design and fall prevention safety for people of all ages and ability.

Our Team

John O’Brien, P.Eng
President & CEO

John O’Brien has enjoyed the challenge of making things better as long as he can remember. As a teenager, he recalls creating simple solutions to make life easier for his grandmother, Rita, who was in a wheelchair. Like many engineers, John has always had a curiosity for how things work and how the physical world we create can affect our moods and perceptions. As President at HealthCraft, John leads a talented purpose-driven team who are able to move a product design from conception to production. Having these resources under the same roof gives HealthCraft the ability to modify and adapt to changes quickly. It’s an inventor’s dream come true!

Ed Thomas, OT Reg (ON)
Vice President

Ed Thomas is an occupational therapist, serving the Ottawa area for over 25 years. He is dedicated to prescribing the right product, tailored to match the exact needs of his clients. Since every person’s needs and abilities are different, many products on the market did not offer the best support for his clients. People would often comment on the appearance of these devices and frequently expressed wishes, “If only this item was not so institutional or mechanical looking.” Ed was able to channel this frustration into creative solutions, often safely modifying products to suit (or in many cases, create something original).

Don Ed
Vice President

Don Ed has been in the home health care industry since its infancy. For over 4 decades, Conval-Aid (the Ed family business) has been providing the Ottawa area with home health aids and wheelchairs. Through years of site visits and helping clients in the store, Don has developed an empathetic nature – always able to relate to customers & therapists. He has a genuine passion for making products more functional, as he has heard the concerns from those who are most affected by limited mobility.