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Aging in Place – Village to Village

Aging in Place Aging in place is a very interesting and trending concept. In one way, aging in place is the idea of developing a living space that is accessible, flexible and inclusive. This is done to accommodate an individual’s changing needs to stay independent as they grow old. In another way, it is developing environments […]

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Approaching Seniors and Family – At Home Support Products

There is no doubt that aging affects our physical ability. However, if we are close to an individual experiencing this situation such as elderly parents, it may be challenging to approach them about it. The majority of the aging demographic won’t admit to anyone, let alone themselves that they need help until something happens. What […]

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The Aging Population and the Need to Adapt

It’s no secret that we as baby boomers are getting older – quickly! But exactly how big and how fast is the aging population really growing? According to AARP, the baby boomer population will be reaching the age of 65 at a rate of 10,000 a day during the next 18 years. Additionally, by 2030, about […]

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